A Festival Brochure Designed for a Younger Audience

Visual and Engaging.

About Tradoodle - Arts Festival for Children
Tradoodle is a traditional arts festival is a new and exciting project developed and presented by Ceol Connected. It brings traditional music and fun for young audiences.

Brochure Design


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The Challenge.

The team at the Elemental Festival challenged us to complete the following.
  • Create a design which is orientated for younger audiences that defines the ethos of the festival.
  • Each page of the brochure should be able to work as an individual poster. 
  • Add something “special” to define it from all the other festival brochures. 

Brochure Design.

A booklet design like no other.

We may be a small island, but jaysus do we know how to throw a good festival. With great events such as theatre, art, literature, dance, music, traditional skills and eco-workshops, sure what more would you want?!

The dynamic booklet design for the festival, between themes and visuals, were tied together with a comprehensively upbeat and playful tone to appeal to a younger demographic.

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